Fans of the Baltimore Orioles have been waiting for this team to “make a run” since the 2013 season. While the O’s haven’t completely tanked it in that time span, they’ve seemed to lack the ability to go on a significant run. That hasn’t been the case lately.

When you look at the Birds latest run, you’ll notice that they have won seven out of the past eight ballgames. However, that’s only part of the story. Since the beginning of June, the O’s are 22-13. During that time the Toronto Blue Jays have gone 14-20, the New York Yankees have gone 16-18 and the Boston Red Sox 13-21 since the beginning of June. In fact, the only other team in the American League East that does not have a losing record since June 1st are the Tampa Bay Rays at 18-18.

There’s never a bad time to make a move in your division, but the perfect time is to do so is when the other teams are playing so poorly and that’s what the Orioles have done. They have won impressively during that time also winning 13 of those games by the margin of three or more runs.

One of the weak spots for the Birds is their record at Camden Yards. Since June 1st they are 11-9 after a three game sweep of the Texas Rangers at the beginning of July.

Maybe this is not just the start of a good run by the Orioles, but the sign of a team finally playing up to their potential. Not only have they been getting runs, which we knew they were capable of, but they’ve gotten solid pitching which was the question mark on this team. With games remaining against the Washington Nationals and Yankees, the Birds can only hope not to be cooled off by the All-Star break.


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