Roch Kubatko of joins Scott and Jeremy to talk Orioles standings, letting go of Reimold, and Gausman’s status.

Kubatko, along with most other local media members, have begun to consider the Orioles not just legitimate playoff contenders, but AL East champions.
“It’s there for the taking. You wonder if that makes them go for a bold move, or just stick with what they have,” Kubatko said.

Although the Orioles look to have a bit of control over the AL East rivals with Toronto’s Encarnacion getting injured, as well as the Yankees’ Tanaka, Kubatko pointed out there’s still a team Baltimore needs to keep an eye on.

“Tampa Bay is a team to keep your eye on,” said Kubatko. “They start heating up now, and all the sudden that’s the team you have to worry about.”
Although there is still an anxious feeling when regarding the division standings, Roch points out that given everything that’s happened to the team in the first half of the season, fans should be thankful.

“If I had told you the Orioles were in the place they are within the standings this year, after everything they’ve gone through—from Wieters getting hurt, to Davis slumping, to Hardy not hitting for power—you would’ve called me crazy,” said Kubatko.


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