BALTIMORE (WJZ)– The University of Maryland announces it will induct basketball star Len Bias into its athletics hall of fame.

His remarkable talent earned him the honor, but Derek Valcourt explains its his decisions off the court that have some questioning if he deserves it.

As far as college basketball stars go in Maryland, Len Bias was considered a legend.

Bias was a two time All-American and two time ACC Player of the Year and was so successful he was the second overall draft pick in 1986 NBA draft by the Boston Celtics.

Just two days later, Bias died from a cocaine overdose after attending a campus dorm party, devastating the university.

“I think everybody remembers where they were when they got the announcement,” said Kevin Glover, who went to school with Bias.

He now heads the university’s M Club Hall of Fame selection committee, which decided to induct Bias eight years after he first became eligible.

“We just felt the time was right,” said Glover.

For years the controversy around Bias’ death has kept him out of the hall of fame. That’s because bylaws allow the selection committee to reject any candidate who has brought embarrassment or disrepute to the university.

“We’re not going to get into the bylaws because we kind of feel that’s irrelevant. There’s certain conversations we want to keep behind closed doors, but I will say that we went through everything [and] made the right decision,” Glover said.

Some, including a Washington Post columnist, say Bias should be forgiven but not honored for his cocaine use. Maryland says it’s not dwelling on the negative.

Bias’ retired jersey now hangs inside the Comcast Center and his photo will soon hang on the University’s hall of fame wall after the induction ceremony Oct. 3.

Along with Bias, seven others will be inducted into the university’s hall of fame this year.

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