Former offensive lineman Dave Lapham talks Bengals and AFC North with Scott and Jeremy on 105.7 The Fan.

Big story with the Bengal’s quarterback Andy Dalton signed 20 million dollar contract on Monday with Cincinnati. In the next eight months, he will also get 25 million.

Is Andy Dalton worth it though? According to Lapham, “Andy Dalton can win games with them. He averaged 10 wins a season. Doesn’t have the arm strength but he has good numbers.” Dalton’s game is more running than passing. With Dalton looking good what is going on with the other positions? The Bengals are looking good on defense but Lapham says that if there is anything to be worried about, it would be the offensive line. All the other positions all have great starters besides the o-line.

Although the Browns have not been a very competitive team in the past several years, they could stop the Bengals offense last year but probably will not repeat this year. This year with the Browns having Johnny Manziel, things could be different. Maybe with Manziel, the Browns will be more of a competitor this year. Jeremy commented on how he thinks that the Bengals are his preseason favorites, while Lapham does not completely disagree, but the Ravens and maybe the Steelers are his favorite.

The Bengals start the preseason off with the Kansas City Chiefs.


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