BALTIMORE (WJZ) — As the team suited up for Thursday night’s preseason game, fans were donning their purple and black well.

Gigi Barnett was at M&T Bank Stadium with fans excitement.

Fans threw on their favorite threads of purple and black, ready to see their Ravens as they begin the 2014 football season.

Ravens fans swarmed “The Sports Shop” at the Inner Harbor hours before the game. For fans like Sarah Willey, wearing old jerseys in a new season in not a choice.

“No, I mean you could. But what’s the fun in that. You’ve always gotta buy new Ravens gear,” she said.

Her friend Kate Cummings has a secret. She’s not really a Ravens fan, but wants to wear purple anyway and has a way to explain it to her family in Philadelphia.

“I went to college at James Madison. Nobody will ask any questions. I’m good,” Cummings said.

Olivia Herrold and Dustin White were in the stand to watch Thursday night’s game. One is a Ravens fan, the other is a 49ers fan. Can football keep them together?

“We’ll find out. I want the 49ers to win, so we will find out,” said 49ers fan Olivia Herrold.

Jane and Dean Jenson will watch Thursday night’s game decked in purple with the number 77 plastered to their chests. They are the parents of rookie offensive lineman Ryan Jenson.

“That’s my baby. I’m very proud of him,” said Jane Jenson.

While workers at “The Sports Shop” are expecting Ravens gear to take off, they’re still selling most of their orange gear because the Orioles are doing so well.

“People are going to the game tonight, but they came through and bought them some Orioles stuff to take with them to the Ravens game. It’s all Baltimore,” said store manager Xavier Dandridge.

The Ravens will host one more preseason game against the Washington Redskins August 23rd before starting the regular season on the road against last year’s AFC North Champions the Cincinnati Bengals.

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