BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Republican Larry Hogan has launched another YouTube ad attacking Democrat Anthony Brown in the race for governor of Maryland. Lieutenant Governor Brown calls it silly.

Political reporter Pat Warren has the latest from the campaign trail.

There are now 88 days before the race is decided, and the Hogan campaign is setting a tone of attack.

This is the second ad the Hogan campaign has posted calling Brown the most incompetent man in Maryland.

The first ad was posted just hours after Democrat Anthony Brown and Republican Larry Hogan were declared winners in the June 24th Maryland gubernatorial primary.

“It’s kind of a humorous take on serious issues,” said Hogan “It’s kind of poking fun. It’s not a mean-spirited ad.”

Brown supporters may fail to see the humor. WJZ asked the lieutenant governor about it Friday.

“I haven’t even seen the ad. I haven’t even seen the ad. What I’m focused on are Marylanders and really not myself,” said Brown.

The ads emphasize tax increases, unemployment rates, businesses and people leaving the state during Brown’s two terms as lieutenant governor.

“Elections are not about, sort of, the past and where we’ve been. This election is about the future, what’s next and where we’re going. This is the silly season perhaps in campaigns, and we don’t get distracted by the silliness of other campaigns. We focus on what’s important to Marylanders,” said Brown.

The Hogan campaign considers the substance of the ads equally important to Marylanders.

“Some would say it’s somewhat negative, but really we’re stating the facts. We’re talking about the issues, but we’re trying to poke a little fun so people pay attention,” said Hogan.

Political analyst Don Norris says voters can expect more of the same.

“I expect to see a good bit of attacking. I also expect the Brown campaign to attack right back,” he said.

The Brown campaign is expected to announce a media campaign soon.

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