BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Traveling soon? A closure at BWI could affect your plans. One of the airport’s main security gates is now closed because of safety concerns.

Rick Ritter has more on the shutdown and what you need to know before you take off.

Security Checkpoint B is now closed during morning rush hours. Officials are calling it a temporary solution—one that’s not sitting well with many travelers.

No lines, closed off and causing loads of confusion. At BWI, what passengers think is a short wait at Concourse B’s security checkpoint is really just closed.

“I thought that’s amazing. Almost no one is flying anywhere,” said Bob Nilson.

Security B checkpoint is now shut down during morning hours. A temporary solution guiding passengers to the newest security gate at Concourse C. The shift started last week after officials found lines at that security gate mixing in with others throughout the airport.

“The lines are crazy when you’re flying out,” said Ernest Leese.

Officials say the biggest crowds came during the morning rush hours and that lines at Security A can stretch all the way to the Southwest ticket line and even all the way to Security B, creating a safety concern.

The closure is not sitting well with many travelers.

“When I’m in a rush, that’s going to suck,” said McKenzie Egan.

Travelers argue it increases wait times at other security gates—specifically C.

“It’s bad enough the lines are always backed up at all stations, now you’re going to consolidate the two?” Cleese said.

But TSA says security waits remain around the airport’s average of 20 minutes. In the end, it’s just a temporary solution that’s all about safety.

“I’d rather be safe. It doesn’t really matter as long as everything is safe,” said Thomas Sanford.

TSA says they’re actively working with the airport and airlines to come up with other solutions. Concourse C checkpoint is the newest security gate with multiple lanes. Officials say they’ve added extra personnel to the checkpoint to make sure things run smoothly.

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