One observation I made at Ravens’ camp this summer needs to be shared.

We talk for hours about the guys who looked best in drills, who has the best hands in camp and who came in the best shape. One player stood out during one of my visits and not because of his on field display but something he did quietly away from the eye of the media and the public. That player was Steve Smith Sr. I’ll admit I am a bit biased as I was pretty excited to add him to this roster as I believe he is the best player in the history of the Carolina franchise and don’t think he’s done yet. Much has been said about his fiery demeanor; clashes with teammates as negative talk always seems to dominate the news.

I’d like to point out a positive I saw and how important I think it’s going to be to the Ravens’ this season. Special teams were on the field and many veterans were excused . Most took advantage by taking a knee and relaxing. Not Smith. He made his way to the coaching staff and was clearly working on things with them. So I asked a few people about his work ethic I was told that what I saw was the norm. He’s a tireless worker who practices hard and never takes a play off. He will also let you know if you do…I was told he will get into the grill of the biggest man on the field if he thinks they are dogging it.

I was happy when he came and I’m even more convinced now. I felt the Ravens lost a bit of their edge when Q was traded to SF and Pollard went to Tennessee. I thought the team needed a player especially on offense who’d fire everyone up an ” play like a Raven”

I’m pretty sure 89 is that guy.

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