ELKTON, Md. (WJZ) — Questions are swirling around the disappearance of two teenagers in Cecil County. Police have been following numerous leads. But four days later, there is still no sign of them.

Christie Ileto reports family members are pleading for information.

“The red flags are–we have two teen boys that are missing from the same neighborhood. We’ve also learned that they know each other, but we’re not sure the extent of that relationship,” said Lt. Joseph Zurolo, Elkton Police.

It’s become Theresa Dill’s nightly routine–handing out fliers with 16-year-old Jesse Veasey, Jr.’s latest picture. Friday means her family friend is still missing.

“Somebody’s got to know something. These kids did not just disappear,” she said.

Elkton Police say Jesse vanished Monday night. Ricardo Levenberry, 19, disappeared 18 hours later from the same Hollingsworth Manor neighborhood.

Police spent hours scouring their childhood block before falling short of solid leads.

“They haven’t been heard from since from either family or friends and they were both seen getting into the same vehicle with the same occupants,” Lt. Zurolo said.

Theresa Dill made the police report.

Ileto: “Would Jesse get into a car with somebody he didn’t know?”

Dill: “No, he would not get into a car with someone he did not know. He would not.”

Ileto: “Do you believe he knows the people he got into that car with?”

Dill: “Yes I do. Yes I do.”

missing teens

Police say they did track down the drivers of the car, who told them both teens were dropped off and OK.

“Our investigators have located the vehicle and located the occupants and made contact with them,” said Lt. Zurolo. “Upon interviewing them, they, in fact, do admit to having both individuals in the car on two separate times, two separate dates. However, they say when they left them, they were fine and well.”

“Where’d they drop my son off and Ricky off at?” Veasey’s mother, Rachel Robinson, said.

Robinson spoke to WJZ by phone and says her gut is saying different.

“When they said he went missing, it was scary, heartbreaking because we knew something was wrong,” said neighbor Julie Handlin.

This small neighborhood is now at the center of a mystery, as police have more questions than answers as to what happened to Veasey and Levenberry.

Police say they interviewed two additional persons of interest and also searched their homes, but wouldn’t elaborate any further.

Family members say they’re considering a cash reward. Anyone with information in the case is asked to contact Elkton Police at 410-398-4200.

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