Parents Fed Up With Lack of Air Conditioning In Classrooms

BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Sweltering heat ended the school day early again for hundreds of students in Baltimore City on Thursday.

It never even began for some in Baltimore County–as un-air conditioned classrooms rose above 90 degrees before noon.

“Everyone needs to work together, leave the political stances behind, and really fix the problem,” said John Klein.

A group of parents say they are fed up with conditions at Dulaney High.

“To be here in 2016 in one of the best schools in Baltimore County and not have air conditioning is pathetic,” said Denise Comarom.

“In a county like Baltimore County with the resources we have, it’s just unconscionable,” said Kara Bolonda. “I think the reason we’re in this predicament is because nobody has taken a long term view for a really long time.”

The county executive told WJZ last week he inherited the issue–and is quickly whittling down the number of schools without air conditioning.

He’s faced criticism from some parents who want portable units–which he considers a waste of money.

It turned into a feud with the governor.

“The kids cannot focus in class during these heat spells. It’s too hot,” said Comaromi.

Many parents are upset at the snowball effect.

“The next group of kids to come through here shouldn’t have to fight these same battles,” said Bolonda. “Our kids should not be pawns in whatever else is going on.”

WJZ surveyed our area and found all school buildings in Harford, Carroll, Anne Arundel, and Howard Counties have air conditioning.

Baltimore City has 68 school buildings without air conditioning, Baltimore County has 36.

“We moved to Baltimore County to this wonderful area because of the school system, and we deserve better. Our children deserve better,” Comaromi said.

And their kids will inevitably face more hot days–where they’re missing out in the classroom.

Baltimore County School have closed again due to heat on Friday. City schools will be closing three hours early.

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One Comment

  1. bcpsparent says:

    Nice to know that Kevin Kamenetz thinks the health, safety, and educational environment we send our kids into is a “waste of money” Portable A/C would be a drop in the bucket of the budget, and not even the Counties budget. It’s state money sitting there waiting to be spent on it. Dear Kevin Kamenetz, I think you need a new PR person and I would LOVE to fill the position for you. If youre wondering why you are so unpopular and no one likes you its because YOU are so political and you use our kids as pawns in your political play for the Governors mansion. You blame Hogan for that, but he is doing the right thing. Your only reason for not giving us portable A/C is because your political rival thought of it first. Your pride and ego wont let you. Our kids are suffering because of it and we wont vote for you. Republicans and Democrats alike. If we wanted to live like this in Maryland we would bring back Omalley and Brown. The fist thing I would do as your PR person is to tell you to stop worrying about how what you do looks politically, and start doing what is right and what we need you to do. You accuse the governor of being political but at least if hes being political, its for the right reasons. You have no reason to continue to make our kids suffer. YOu have the money, but apparently our kids releif would be a “waste” to you.

  2. TC says:

    Hate to say it.. but when I was in school in the Poconos’s in 1970-1980 range.. we did not have AC in the schools. The windows were opened and most schools had ceiling fans.

    We also went to school and if we got 1-2 inches of snow, we were lucky to have a 1 hour delay.
    School bus not coming because of the snow, walk to the public bus and get yourself there.

    Fear of flakes causes them to close because sub-contracting buses don’t want any liability.
    In this case, buy some fans and have ceiling fans installed. they even are useful once heat and AC are put in anyway.

    Last time I checked kids don’t melt at 90, you just don’t do strenuous things like gym.

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