Commission Recommends Removal Of 2 Confederate Monuments In Baltimore

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — After spending months researching and reviewing Baltimore’s Confederate monuments, a special commission appointed by Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has recommended removing two of them.

The seven members of the commission — four from the city’s Commission for Historical and Architectural Preservation (CHAP) and three from the Public Arts Commission — studied and evaluated four sculptures:

  • Confederate Soldiers and Sailors Monument located on Mount Royal Avenue near Mosher Street
  • Confederate Women’s of Maryland, located at Bishop Square Park
  • Roger B. Taney Monument, located at Mt. Vernon Place
  • Lee & Jackson Monument, located in Wyman Park Dell

“I’m really concerned that this goes on in a city that’s largely made up by people who are descended from those slaves,” said Adrian Bishop, a Baltimore resident.

On its website, Sons of Confederate Veterans Maryland division is pictured at the Lee and Jackson monument in Baltimore’s Wyman Park Dell, in honor of soldiers who fought on the side of slavery.

“I don’t think any of the commission members were interested in erasing or re-writing history but we certainly should work to interpret it for today’s context,” said Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

They recommended deaccessioning and removing the Lee and Jackson Monument and offering it to the National Park Service to be placed in Chancellorsville Battlefield, and deaccessioning and removing the Roger B. Taney Monument.

They recommend that the Confederate Soldiers and Sailors Monument and the Confederate Women’s Monument be retained with the addition of financial support and recontexuatlization.

“In the short-term, I am requesting that CHAP will work with stakeholders to install interpretive signage at all 4 monuments,” Rawlings-Blake said in a statement. “Furthermore, I am requesting that CHAP and BOPA consider any viable relocation proposals should such a proposal(s) be made.”

Approximately 65,000 Marylanders fought for the union compared to 22,000 who fought for the confederacy.

As for removing two of the monuments, there have been no proposals from anyone to take them.

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One Comment

  1. The Couth shall rise again!!!!


  3. And what side of town does Baltimore wish to have a giant Confederate flag memorial placed? Any landowners out there on a high visibility area wish to have this on their property?

  4. Thomas H. Harbold says:

    How, I ask you, does this differ in principle from the actions of ISIS, in removing monuments and artifacts with which they take exception? You may argue that this is being done “legally” — under color of law, I would respond, which is not necessarily the same thing — but that is no excuse. It is still attempting to alter history, or at least the public perception of history.

    The first shots of the War Between the States were fired in Baltimore, not in Charleston harbor, and Marylanders fought on each side of the War: many of them in the Army of Northern Virginia, commanded by General Lee, and the Second Corps of that Army, commanded by General Jackson. You may like that, or you may not; but such subjective perceptions are irrelevant to the historical facts, which removal of the monuments in question will further obscure, for the present generation and generations to come.

    As to ‘recontextualization,” that sounds just a bit too much like a politically-correct euphemism for “twisting facts to support a particular partisan political ideology,” or even Soviet-style “re-education,” to me. What “context” will the surviving monuments now be placed in? That the South was vile and despicable, the North pure and holy? The facts of history do not support such a reading! And what sort of precedent does this set, that monuments can be removed and/or “recontextualized,” in accordance with the ever-shifting winds of social and political fashion?

    Again I say, how does this differ in principle from ISIS and their “removal” of historical sites which do not fit comfortably with their ideology? Is George Orwell not taught in school any longer? Sadly, it appears that his dystopian novel, “1984,” in which the “Ministry of Truth” constantly re-interpreted history to support the dominant political narrative, was not wrong, just set a few decades too early.

  5. edith says:

    Wow history is not racist… it is where we have come from

    I don’t really care but ARE WE BURNING BOOKS TOO?

  6. edith says:

    the name of GOD… …
    If they do it anyway….. the legislators, state, city council needs A CHANGE …. GET OUT THE VOTE …Hitler is not in charge the ..VOTE>>>all the people are.
    To preserve all History it needs to moved……OUR TAXES can pay for these civil war remembrances to a saved to a site to view by all people to respect the dead. Honoring ALL history ask the manager of city to release funds… taxes… to do it … the budget is for more than business !!

  7. redshoes51 says:

    If you are truly concerned about race as it relates to that war… the position of the North as well as of the South… I would recommend that you read Abraham Lincoln’s letter to Horace Greeley. The war was fought and waged to free the slaves? Not according to that letter as written by the ‘Great Emancipator.’

    Or, even better, find and read Abraham Lincoln’s first inaugural address… but I know… you will just say he didn’t mean those things when he said them.

    THEN… read the ‘Emancipation Proclamation’…. LMBO!!!!! Especially the part where Lincoln tells the Southern states that if they re-join the Union, they can KEEP their slaves. And why is that? It’s because slavery was STILL legal in the North.

    And then, last but not least… look at the Corwin Amendment…

    It sure is difficult to read about how smart you all are when you are so ignorant.

  8. Elsie Fabrick says:

    I feel that this is an attempt to re-write history. Good or bad I feel that all statues should remain where they are. They should not be moved in order to be “politically correct”. They all represent the history and struggles of our country.

  9. TedB says:

    Ridiculous, Baltimore. This is going too far with political correctness. I strongly suggest you take stock of yourself and let history stand for itself, good or bad. People on both sides of the Civil War suffered; and their sacrifices need to be remembered.
    It was bad enough that you renamed Robert E. Lee Park. Don’t perpetuate the stupidity, bigotry, and racism that you publicly decry yet continue to practice as City leaders. Shame on you.

  10. I am so sick of this political correct BS, and rewriting of history.. Where does it end? At what point are we no longer America?! Political Correctness is killing this once great nation! The confederate Flag, nor statues of soldiers in no way, are racist.. The civil war was NOT about slavery.. It was part of it, yes, but not all.. Not only that, but why are we told that it was only black slavery? America had Irish slaves, Native American slaves, Asian slaves, ALL races! Why is it only our history where this is being erased?! Since the beginning of time, EVERY nation used slaves as free labor.. Nations used to conquer other nations by force, and take what they wished.. It was part of life, and history.. Pretending it didnt happen, and worse, still apologizing for it CENTURIES later, is absolutely ridiculous.. It happened, move on!

    1. PS: claiming that so many of todays people are “descendants” is also an ignorant, and unfounded claim.. Simpy being black means youre descended from slavery? Thats ridiculous! Weve had 150 yrs of immigration, illegal immigration, and not to mention that people can and do move from one place to another at some point.. Stop assuming all white folks heritage were slave owners, and all blacks ancestors were slaves.. Its simply not true! There were free black peoples back then(some owning their own slaves), as well as white slaves.. We should by no means pretend it didnt happen, or forget about it.. but for goodness sake, removing anything remotely related to the subject is ignorant, and needs to stop.. Whats next, do we dig up the graves of the Confederate soldiers? Youve successfully marred any meaning the Confederate flag held,and replaced with with racism/slavery.. You people should be ashamed of yourselves!

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