By Pat Warren

BALTIMORE, Md. (WJZ)– WJZ asked Baltimore area voters how they felt about the presidential debate. Voters we talked to say the debate didn’t do much to change their opinions of Trump or Clinton, but certain things did stand out.

Whether it’s the economy, crime, or trade deals, if the reality for Maryland viewers was this showdown was a throw down, here’s how that conversation goes.

“I feel like I’m going to vote for Trump. I really don’t like either candidate,” said Craig Brown, a Trump supporter. “I’m just going to go with what I think the better of two evils is. I think his mouth gets him into trouble a lot of times and I hope it doesn’t bite him in the butt

“I don’t like either candidate, we’re in a tough spot,” said Toria Feliz, a Hillary supporter. “I’m not a fan of Hillary overall, I think she’s a liar but she’s the lesser of two evils. Trump will have wars on top of wars if he’s the president and I’m a black republican.”

Lunchtime in dundalk brought trump fans together. “Trump all the way Trump Trump Trump. It didn’t the way I was going to vote. I knew who I was voting for even before they got on stage,” said one voter.

“I’m a Hillary woman,” said another.

In northwest Baltimore Hillary was the favorite.

“I’m a Hillary supporter and I thought Hillary did a great job,” said Brian Schaeffer.

“I’m happy that Hillary, she did such a tremendous job and he was to me as ridiculous as ever, but I think people probably will still keep their original opinions,” said Kathy Matava.

The candidates have two more debates and two more chances to sway voters their way on a national stage. The second presidential debate is Sunday October 9.

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