By Tracey Leong

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The rate of robberies are soaring in Baltimore. Police report it’s a big jump from last year, and they say it’s teens driving up those numbers.

Baltimore police tell WJZ it is a 171% spike compared to last year.  Teens and young adults make up the majority of the suspects in these robberies, with ages ranging from 16 to 24. And many of them, have no prior record.

“Even when we make an arrest, another group of juveniles will engage in the same behavior,” said Major Kimberly Burrus, Baltimore Police Dept.

18-year-old Zannay Laws and Dakei Perry were captured earlier this month. Police say they are responsible for attacking a 64-year-old man in Wyman Park Dell. Laws and Perry are charged for stabbing the man, stealing his cash and other belongings, while another suspect was streaming it on Facebook.

While the rate of crime has gone up, police say they have been able to track down these suspects a lot better, making nearly 20 percent more juvenile arrests compared to last year.

“We know what we put in place is working for us, following the patterns and geographical areas, but the suspect we develop base on their motives,” said Major Burrus.

From street robberies to carjacking — it’s a citywide problem that Baltimore leaders are also working to combat.

“We need to figure out who they are, and get to their families, get to them, get to their schools, and talk them down from this kind of behavior because it’s dangerous,” said Mary Pat Clarke, Baltimore City Council.

It’s a disturbing trend that impacts everyone.

“It’s not good for them and its not good for the general public,” said Councilwoman Clarke.

For the teens who use a weapon in these robberies, many times are charged as an adult.

Overall, robberies in Baltimore are up 12 percent from last year.

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Comments (5)
  1. Moses says:

    We all know what “teens” really means…

  2. John Matters says:

    That just can’t be, the police are the criminals aren’t they? At least that’s what the BLM movement will tell you.

  3. If you notice it ……was said that many of them had no prior record. This could be that they were not caught or being influenced by people of questionable character. Very easy when the kids have no direction. Have a gun in their hand either will wind up dead or in jail….sometimes for a very long time. Thugs bring drugs and guns into the city, recruit the youth who will not attract attention and make drug runners out of them. If the are caught with drugs….they are minors……the courts will usually overlook minor offenses. The problem is….people are caught up in the crossfires of their turf fights. The police are caught up in the mess…the best thing I can say is let the police do their job…they are not the enemy as the criminals would like you to believe. As long as people buy into the police ” being the enemy” the thugs have the people right where they want them.

  4. realist says:

    “TEENS”…….?…….yeah right………………..

  5. JoeyG says:

    The Police should “facebook” Zannay and Dakei’s entire arrest process and jail time(and all who are arrested in the future) to show all of these future wanna-be little miscreants what really happens when they commit such a horrible crime.

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