Eddie Matz is a senior writer and the MLB insider for ESPN. Eddie joined Ed and Rob to talk about the Orioles loss to the Blue Jays in the AL Wild Card game.

The most talked about topic this morning is “What was Buck thinking?” Matz answered, “Look, Buck is great at what he does, it’s an impossible job no matter how many right calls you make, if you make one bad call you get skewered for it. Why would anyone want that job?…Mind boggling.”

As for how all the analytics favored the Orioles going to Britton, Eddie said, “absolutely, and it would have been such tremendous theater, it was already tremendous theater as it was, but here’s Britton 47-for-47 on saves and he comes in to a weird situation, let’s see just how good Zach Britton is and if he can get out of this situation.” That was the scenario most fans wanted to see.

Eddie went on to talk about the Toronto crowd and whether or not they’re getting a reputation as a very rowdy crowd.

Tune in to hear more below:


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