There is no question that the best closer in baseball needs to make an appearance in the most important game of the year.

Most managers will save their closer when playing on the road and the home team will pitch their closer in the 9th as there is no save situation at that point. I don’t question Buck often, but I didn’t understand leaving Miley in on Saturday against the Yankees, and this is another situation that you have to go to Britton and try to milk him for two innings just to extend the game.

I don’t believe Buck’s decision to not pitch Britton is the reason they lost.

The team had just four hits the entire eleven inning game. Stroman was struggling early to throw a strike and the Orioles and that horrible umpire bailed him out. If you watched TBS pitch track box, there were at least three at bats where he didn’t even throw one strike and ended up striking out our batter or getting him to hit a pop-up on the infield. Matt Wieters had a five pitch at bat, which ended up as a strike out, and a strike was never thrown the entire time.

The offense was very frustrating yesterday, but it’s been that way since after the All-Star break.

I think Buck should have pitched Britton, but I definitely don’t think that’s the sole reason why we lost. Anyone saying he should be fired, is out of their mind.  Buck Showalter brought winning back to this city.  He took a team that was projected to finish with 72 wins and be dead last in the AL East and tied for second place.

It was a crazy wild ride and it didn’t end how we wanted it to, but I personally hope Buck is back next year for another crazy wild ride.


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