WASHINGTON (AP) — Donald Trump is again attacking House Speaker Paul Ryan. He’s calling him “very weak and ineffective” a day after the House speaker said he would not campaign for the Republican nominee.

Ryan told Republican lawmakers on a conference call Monday that he would focus instead on helping the party keep control of the House.

Trump referred to that call in his tweet Tuesday morning. He said Ryan “had a bad conference call where his members went wild at his disloyalty.”

It was his second tweet of the morning targeting Ryan. The other said Ryan’s “zero support” was making it hard for Trump to do well.

Ryan did face some pushback from members upset he was abandoning Trump. The House speaker continues to endorse the nominee.

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  1. Kathryn says:

    Like any of those disassociating themselves from that a$$hole care what he thinks??? Trump is going to lose the election and probably lose it for some other GOPs as well and drag down the party even more. He acts like a spoiled child who is about to be told to stand in the corner for being a playground bully…and he got caught grabbing up girls’ skirts too and now we hear he also peeked in on beauty pageant contestants while they were changing. This man is not fit to be loose on the streets- lock up your daughters before he does whatever he wants to them because he thinks celebrities can do that. Trump is a spoiled rich brat who thinks he is entitled to do and say whatever he wants to w/o regard to others…and he could not even find Syria on a map.

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