Hi Everyone!

Well the cool down has begun. This has been discussed, in the forecast, through the week. And now it’s here. Our current morning temperature is 41°, but today’s high will only be 43°. Yesterday it was 57°, and we know how mild it has been for the past many days. Now back to seasonal temps. At least we still have “not tapped” a slice of that polar air! Yet.

Through the weekend we will see temps remain, dayside in the low 40’s. At night the upper 20’s which is a few degrees above the normal night time number. Seasonal condition’s return to the Mid-Atlantic is you will.

Speaking of “normal temperatures” we have reported , this week, that the daytime “normal high” rose from 41° to 42°. NOW the overnight “normal low” has also risen by one degree from 24 to 25°. It’s a long slow walk to spring.  But NOW on both sides of the day it has begun!!

And on that happy note we will close and say have a GREAT, and SAFE, weekend!

T.G.I.F.!!!…ain’t it the truth!



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