Matt McCoy is the sports director for 610 WTVN and has been covering the Ohio State Buckeyes for more than 20 years.

Matt joined Ed and Rob to talk about tonight’s game between the Terps and Buckeyes in Columbus.

Matt started by talking about this year’s Buckeyes team and whether its a rebuilding feel or a disappointing feel saying “it’s disappointment for the most part this is a team that was a bubble team last year but still won games in conference, with everybody coming back the thought was they would take a step forward but they’ve been wildly inconsistent.”

When asked about the Big Ten conference as a whole Matt said “there may not be a dominant team that is a top five team, but anybody else in that division if you don’t show up can beat you…it’s more balanced I guess is what I’m trying to say, if Maryland isn’t sharp tonight then Ohio State can win where as in the past you knew games you would win and lose.”


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