Ken Singleton is an MLB analyst for the Yes Network in New York mostly covering the Yankees.

Ken joined Ed and Rob to talk about the Yankees and the Orioles and what to expect from the two teams this season.

Ken started by talking about the Yankees last year and the season they had saying “last year coming out of spring training I wasn’t sure what the Yankees had and they ended up with two teams really the first half of the year they had an older team then in the second half they went with younger guys and rebuilt their farm system into one of the best in the league.” When asked about the Red Sox and if they won the off-season Ken said “I already thought they were the best team and they were able to get better, they’re going to be very tough they have a good offense despite a big hole in their offense with Ortiz being retired.”

Ken went on to talk about what he thinks the different teams around the AL East will do this year and the pitching staff for both the Yankees and Orioles.


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