Hi Everyone!

Hold on, buckle that “seatbelt”, cause here comes some potential trouble. For the past couple of day’s we have been discussing, as a cold front cut’s across the region this afternoon, the possibility of strong thunderstorms. Some folk in the Mid-Atlantic will see hail, the chance of damaging winds, and even a tornado. (Some of those winds may be gusts up to 55 mph.) It will be a warm day. Currently, as I write this, the temperature is 58°. 78° will be the afternoon high. There certainly is a “wow factor” with temps like that on March 1st. And for good reason.

Clearing and cooler tomorrow, and chillier, as we move through Friday and Friday night. But back to almost 10+ degrees above normal for Saturday, and warmer for Sunday.

We will talk more about the weekend tomorrow. Let’s get through this day first! One last thought. I have discussed the “mobile weather app” before. Let me do so again. This is the real deal. We all have it. The download is free and gives us the chance to get in contact with you DIRECTLY should threatening conditons arise, in any season.  It is easily found here at CBS.BALTIMORE.COM

Have a FINE day.



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