ESPN Senior Writer Jayson Stark joined Ed and Rob to talk about his recent article “Where have all the MLB superstars gone?”

More than 6,000 American sports fans were polled on their favorite pro athletes and only three baseball players showed up in the top 50 and none of them are currently playing in the sport: Derek Jeter, Babe Ruth and Pete Rose were the only names on the list.

So why aren’t current “star” players like Mike Trout and Manny Machado on the list?

Stark said, “There are other issues at work here. Baseball’s become a regional sport, a local sport and every market has it’s face. Baltimore’s got a bunch of guys between Manny and Adam Jones and Chris Davis and Zach Britton. There’s a lot of faces of the Orioles, the question is, are they faces of the sport…and they’re not.”

Stark coninuted to say, “I think it’s a culture issue. I think the culture of baseball has for a century, suppressed personality, and we don’t live on that planet anymore.”

Do you think that’s an accurate assumption? Who would you choose to be the face of baseball?

Tune in to hear the full discussion below:


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