Roch Kutbako of joined Norris and Long this morning to recap the Orioles’ loss to the Red Sox in Boston.

One of the first issues to discuss in the Orioles’ loss last night was when J.J. Hardy missed the ball (literally and figuratively) more than once. Some fans are questioning if this is a sign that the Orioles should consider switching Manny Machado to shortstop?

Rob believes Hardy just had a bad night. Roch Kutbako said, “I wouldn’t go quite to that extreme. [Hardy] said multiple times, ‘I just missed it.’ He just flat out missed a very routine ground ball. He tried to pick it up multiple times and it was just one of those weird things that you might not see him do the rest of the year. With Manny, we don’t know that he would make as many routine plays as J.J. makes on a nightly basis, but I get it. I think it was just one of those strange things.”

Roch also believes Bundy’s performance wasn’t his strongest but still good. “His command wasn’t as sharp as Opening Day. I’m impressed that he’s throwing everything…although he didn’t have his best stuff…the fact that he only gave up two runs was very encouraging.”

The guys also discuss what could happen to the roster if Trey Mancini stays in the majors.

Tune in to hear the full interview below:


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