By Kimberly Eiten

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The work week starts with all new bus routes, as Baltimore’s brand new bus service is up and running.

Baltimore Link launched Sunday, bringing all new routes to the city. It’s also bringing a lot of confusion.

WJZ’s Kimberly Eiten spoke with riders about how they’re adjusting and what MTA is doing to help.

For the first part of the week, riders will see MTA workers at bus stops across the city to answer questions and hand out maps.

But some bus riders say they don’t want a map, they want their old routes back.

The wheels are now turning on Baltimore’s brand new bus service.

But where they stop, well, not many people know.

“The bus driver confused. Everybody confused. How [is] the whole city confused?,” asked rider Donald Wedlock.

“You’ve got to catch three or four buses to get to one location. That doesn’t make any sense to me,” said bus rider Gary Wheeler.

There is still a lot of confusion one day into the launch of Baltimore Link as people try to navigate an overhaul of the city’s bus routes.

A learning curve on the way to what MTA CEO Kevin Quinn says will be a better bus service.

“Our goal with Baltimore Link is to provide a reliable bus system, that the bus shows up when it’s supposed to show up,” Quinn said.

That’s if riders can figure out which bus to get on.

But that’s something MTA is trying to help with, with ambassadors like Priya Iyer.

“Hi ma’am. Do you need help with the new routes?”

These ambassadors will be waiting at bus stops across the city, ready with maps and answers.

“Change is difficult for everyone, but in time, people will learn how to use the bus system,” Iyer said.

Until the end of the month, everybody rides for free. So, if you get on the wrong bus, it will cost you time, but it won’t cost you cash.

“Like with anything, there’s going to be some growing pains,” said rider Randy Shipley.

Pains that will take some patience.

“They said it’s going to be fast. I can’t tell. I’m waiting on the 36 now. It ain’t came yet,” Wedlock said.

Baltimore bus riders say they’re already hitting some roadblocks during their new commute.

[Reporter: “So, what do you think should happen now?”] “Go back to the old way! It works. If it worked for 40 years, I don’t see what was wrong with it,” said Wheeler.

Despite their frustrations, people say MTA has done a lot to help riders adjust, including those ambassadors, who will be at bus stops through Wednesday.

Click here for maps and information from MTA on the new service.

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