Hi Everyone,

We start this day humid, but cool. This afternoon when we heat up to 84° with a good deal of sun a very Summer like feel will return to the Mid-Atlantic. But just for a short period of time. A wind shift is coming through tonight and humidity will roll out. but then here comes the bigger story, Harvey and his remnants.

Generally speaking clouds from “Harvey” will begin to pile in tomorrow, we may see rain enter the Mid-Atlantic by tomorrow night. And Saturday will certainly be a wet one. Are we talking about flooding rains, at this time not really. But a gray, wet, coolish, and breezy day is def gonna be the deal.

High pressure building from the North, and the Midwest should put the boot to “Harvey’s” remains by early Sunday morning. Sunday, overall, looks good now on paper. Let’s see how the reality begins to square away with tomorrows updates.

Monday is looking great, and on VERY solid forecast ground. It will take a big and unexpected change to knock that down.

In other tropical discussion let’s welcome “IRMA” to the mix. Located off the coast of Africa this storm is rapidly become a Cat 1 hurricane, and expected to become a Cat 2 by tomorrow. She is still quite far away but moving East. Where is still undetermined, and the storm is at least 6 day’s away from concern but we need to keep an eye on this one big time. And keep some fingers crossed too.



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