Families Start New Year’s Early In Baltimore

It’s a big day at the Maryland Science Center. It’s “Midnight Noon.” Ron Matz has more on Wednesday’s early start to the new year.


The Rev. Canon Heather E. Cook. Photo: Diocese of Maryland.

Investigation Continues Into Fatal Baltimore Bike Accident

The investigation continues into the fatal bike accident that took the life of 41-year-old Tom Palermo.



Neighbors Stunned After 70-Year-Old Woman Dies In Ellicott City House Fire

A 70-year-old Ellicott City woman died in a house fire Monday night.



Ravens Fans Flock To Playoff Parties, Get ‘Ravenized’

With the Ravens heading to the playoffs, fan excitement has swept over Baltimore.



Baltimore Residents Celebrate Kwanzaa

Between Christmas and New Year’s, thousands of people around the country and here in Maryland celebrate an African American-inspired holiday.


poinsettias, christmas flowers

Poinsettia Pandemonium At Rawlings Conservatory

They’re native to Mexico, but it’s the plant everyone loves during the holidays and here in Baltimore, their vibrant colors are on display at the Rawlings Conservatory.



Christmas Starts At Church For Many Md. Families

Thousands of Maryland families celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.


moveable feast

Organization Delivers Food And Gifts To People With Illnesses

Moveable Feast delivers nutritious food to people with life threatening illnesses 365 days a year, but on Christmas it is extra special because they also deliver gifts.


Scuba Santa

Aquarium Christmas Tradition Continues In Baltimore

Everyone is getting into the holiday spirit from the land to the sea.



Familiar Face Pours Her Passion For Animals Onto The Page

Animal rights activists share a passion and aren’t afraid of letting the rest of the world know where they stand.


“I’ll tell you one thing–mistakes happen on the field. You have some concentration lapses and you drop the ball,” Torrey said. “I’m not going to drop this kid.”

Torrey Smith’s Baby Son Expands His Fanbase

Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith is a fan favorite—but someone else is building his own fanbase: his eight-month-old son, TJ!


blanket baltimore

Hyatt Regency ‘Blanketing Baltimore’ During The Holidays

It’s that time of year in Charm City when many agencies are overwhelmed trying to help those in need. Hundreds of people line up each day for a hot meal or a place to stay.



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