Participants try out the Giant Swing challenge at Terrapin Adventures.

Credit: Terrapin Adventures

As the instructors say at Terrapin Adventures, you will come for the zipline, but leave amazed after trying the giant swing. For the last four years, the Terrapin Adventure Company has been on the cutting edge of providing an array of outdoor adventures aimed at encouraging people to enjoy the environment while getting some exercise.

From giant swings to geo-caching tours, here is a list of five things to check out when visiting the adventure center.

instructors1 Visitors Guide To Terrapin Adventures

Photo Credit: Terrapin Adventures

Terrapin Adventures

Savage Mill
8600 Foundry Street, Savage, Md.
Hours: 9:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m. Everyday (Seasonally adjusted)
(301) 725-1313

High Ropes Challenge Course

Cost: $49 for non-stop climbing.
$79.95 in the all-exclusive Terrapin Challenge Package

The high ropes challenge consists of three levels that will lead participants 40 ft in the air. You will start the course via a cable bridge while attached to a safety line. From there you can try 18 obstacles including the “leap of faith” where you’ll jump off a platform down to the ground. Other obstacles to try out include the “vine walk”, the “heebie jeebie” and the “eagle walk.”

Participants try out the Giant Swing challenge at Terrapin Adventures.

Credit: Terrapin Adventures

Giant Swing

Cost: $10 on its own
$79.95 in the all-exclusive Terrapin Challenge Package

One of the most popular elements to try at Terrapin Adventures is the Giant Swing challenge. You and two friends will fasten yourself into a swing. From there, you’ll be pulled back almost 40 ft in the air. Anticipation will build as you are suddenly released and sent swinging around the center grounds.

climbing tower Visitors Guide To Terrapin Adventures

Credit: Terrapin Adventures

Climbing Tower

Cost: $35 for 2 hours, includes a climbing lesson,
$79.95 in the all exclusive Terrapin Challenge

Known as the Terrapin Tower, the structure is 43 ft high and has 12 routes to the top. The four sides can accommodate two climbers at a time. Routes were also built for all skill levels ranging from beginner to advanced. To enhance the wall, the tower has a vertical playpen equipped with a cargo net and a dangle duo to challenge participants as they make their way to the top. Once climbers reach the top, they generally stop and admire the breathtaking views of Savage, Md.

Terrapin Adventures provides more then a dozen tours to try through out this year, including kayaking.

Credit: Terrapin Adventures


Cost: $35 for a three hour tour with a minimum of four people and maximum of 24.

Geo-caching is the latest high-tech adventure to hit the East Coast. You and your group will have the task of finding buried treasure with a state of the art GPS system. While on the hunt, you’ll head everywhere around Terrapin Adventures, including the woods, trails and the water to find buried treasure.

hiking Visitors Guide To Terrapin Adventures

Credit: Terrapin Adventures

Organized Themed Tours

Cost: Beer and Fear Tour: $65, July 17 and Aug. 14
Zombie Survival Challenge: $75, Oct. 2

Other popular events that attract visitors to Terrapin Adventures are the creative tours the staff puts on every year. For instance, this summer visitors can enjoy the “Beer and Fear” tour for $65. For two hours, participants will take the Terrapin Challenge. From there, the group will head over to Rams Head Tavern to eat, relax and try five different types of beer.

This October, Terrapin Adventures will also be sponsoring its first annual “Zombie Survival” challenge in which participants will spend the day learning how to survive during a zombie apocolypse. In addition to creative themed tours, the company also provides traditional tours ranging from kayaking to horse-back riding.

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