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Family of 17-year-old Jessica Hernandez asks Dept. of Justice to launch civil rights investigation, wants special prosecutor to oversee case
After a Comcast employee changed a customer's first name to "A**hole," more customers are now coming forward with similar stories, including one whose bills were addressed to "Whore Julia."
Rescue crews pulled a dog to safety after it fell into the Los Angeles River Friday afternoon. The rescue was caught on video.
In honor of the burger chain's Wall Street IPO, CBSN put together a timeline of Shake Shack's history.
New York Times national political reporter Amy Chozick tells CBSN why Mitt Romney bowed out of the 2016 presidential election. She also explains Hillary Clinton's strategy of waiting to announce her intentions.
The flu is now widespread in all but six states. The CDC reported that flu activity is still widespread and as usual it's hitting the elderly particularly hard; and, Rose Hill's memory has been fading for reasons that aren't entirely clear. But in a Goodwill store, something of hers was found that she didn't even know existed.
Other customers come forth with abusive names slapped on their accounts by Comcast service reps
A California pediatrician has issued a new policy for his practice directed at parents who are against vaccinations
CBS News tagged along with volunteers who walked the streets of Los Angeles to count the homeless - especially veterans - in an effort to eventually find them homes
CBS News' Nancy Cordes and John Dickerson join CBS News' senior polical editor Steve Chaggaris to discuss the latest news in the 2016 race.

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