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Authorities confirm 2 more storm-related deaths, raising combined Texas and Oklahoma death toll to 19 people
​For years, some men have been able to blame their infidelity on genetics, but now a new study suggests they might not be alone
The twister hit Beavercreek, Ohio. Witnesses reported seeing a car in the air, knocked-down trees and extensive damage to buildings.
Lawyers for 2 chimps argue that the animals have "personhood" rights and should be freed from the university where they are kept
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New investigation into Horace Mann School identifies dozens more students who say they were abused than previously thought
A Delta flight from Philadelphia to Atlanta was forced to land in Knoxville, Tennessee, because of rough weather. The captain decided to order everyone on board some pizza. CBSN's Meg Oliver and Elaine Quijano have the details.
A Maryland police officer's mother reportedly opened fire on a couple waiting to pick up her grandchildren -- now, police say the officer was involved
Authorities arrested worker in the Alabama school's engineering division who they say made and sold the dug GHB
Martin Luther King Jr.'s two sons and daughter disagree on whether the two artifacts should be sold