• PHOTOS: Ellicott City 2018 Flood DamageA look at some of the damage around Ellicott City, Maryland following the flood.
  1. Grant says:

    It use to be easy to find my weekly football pick contest. NOT Now!! THis new site is terrible. What desk jockey changed it in the middle of the contest or season.. A foolish person!!

    Time to move on!!!

  2. LOIS WHITE says:

    I do not like this new website. Will not be coming back to it. 75% of the screen is black with “Select the station you wish to listen live.” I don’t want to listen I want to read the news, weather, sports, etc. Bring back the old website!

    1. Dave McCall says:

      to hard to find out news sports and anything else that we care to look at.Other site was much easier!!!!If the other site wasn’t broken why fix it with this mess??

  3. Sylvia Hart says:

    I agree! This new website is too confusing!!! Information overkill!

  4. Deni' Solias says:

    Isn’t football fun to watch~ When does baseball start?

  5. Mary Jo Cook says:

    This website is terrible! I can’t find anything anymore. Very poor design as well – not visually appealing at all.

  6. Marie says:

    Hate the new website. Change is bad!!!

  7. Joe Camel says:

    camel toe in cheerleader pic # 3

  8. David mann says:

    Please give me my old wjz site back. I just want the news. Now my Iphone app won’t work either.

  9. Mary says:

    Absolutely hate new website – can’t find anything – will be viewing other station website – not WJZ anymore

  10. Kim P says:

    I agree with everyone else..this website SUCKS!!! I have given it 3-4 tries to see if I could get used to it…NOT…it still sucks, not user friendly, and not appealing..will stick with wbal from here on out!!!

  11. Roxi says:

    DItto. Sometimes it’s best to leave well alone.

  12. Marc Dalvik says:

    All I want to see is the TV schedule for Sun 19 Dec. Where is it?

    Real NFL teams don’t need cheerleaders. Go Steelers!

  13. earl says:

    Really i don’t like this new web site either.Bring back the old one

  14. SEAN STEVENS says:


  15. Claire says:

    Maybe your TV station should pick up the ball on bullying….every chance it gets it degrades the Pgh Steelers football team. Today it was “I would like to see Hines Ward get knocked out” This following a video of a football player/boxer knocking out an opponent. Today’s problems with the league and concussions/long term , perhaps lifetime, injuries to the players and your announcers are condoning trying to “knock them out”!!!! Where is decency in life, football is a game!! example to others…here is a station that is seen by many (I won’t be one of them) and this is what is being broadcast!. I don’t care what team they are bashing, it isn’t setting a good example to the youth of today, where are their heads? Reporters are to report….thus the word reporter!! Clean up the show please…tell the news and keep your personal opinions and obscenities to yourself….Stick to the news please.

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