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  1. Char says:

    I don’t agree with religious sightings. Has anyone actually seen Jesus, Mary or Joseph to know what they look like?

    1. Brian says:

      I agree; it looks like Charles Manson to me. If you think Charles Manson over and over while staring at picture your brain creates the image. Same w/ what we believe to be the face of Christ!!

    2. Marceline says:

      This has been my thought just about anytime someone claims they have seen an image of any biblical figure. All we or at least the people of religion has to go by are the stained glass windows the church have, pamphlets and humanoid statues and figurines. If a person stares at something long enough it could take a form of an image that possibly no one else can see.

  2. Julie Robichaud says:

    Its called matrixing.

  3. Rodney Chlebek says:

    why do they have to be religious? they don’t look that definitive to me.

  4. New Dimensions says:

    Will this be a dawning of a new age? The age of acquarious!

  5. New Dimensions says:

    Some of our newscasters on Fox5 and WUSA9 have mentioned recently off and on that on the Topix.com blogs, they find that the so-called Obama Christian Church downtown started by a Muslim Pastor said that “by December 21 of 2012 president Obama will be a Muslim God and American Prophet and rule the world”. He even goes on to say that we Americans will have to dump our bank accounts and “give all our money to the Obama Christian Campaign” and that Obama is going to “use the money to create a new Heaven in the White House for the Muslim Christians” and is this a cult? Some critics would surmise to say “yes, it is a cult” but the jury is out there for the laypeople or a generic version of this debacle.

    1. Falaliese says:

      Uh yeah… sure had to inject politics huh? coughididotcough

  6. Drew says:

    Oh Brother……” home bore what appeared to be the face of Jesus”. So what they are saying is that they know what Jesus looked like and this appears to be him? I don’t believe it. It looks nothing like the face on my toast this morning and certainly not like the Image of Jesus I saw in the bird turd that was splattered on my car windshield.

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