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  1. Desiree Kroeger says:

    Soooo cute. Congratulations!!!!! Glad everybody is home and healthy.

  2. Lynda Donald says:

    TOO COOL !!!

    Enjoy the “sleep, eat & diaper” bit that’s the easy part- right Denice Koch ????

    Congradulations to all !! I just love it !!


  3. Sharon Morgan says:

    Congratulations! God has blessed you with a double blessing of twin boys!
    Sharon M.

  4. Frank Hogarth says:

    I’m happy that you had boys now that means they can have trains. Congrads to you and your husband, I missed you on tv and am glad your back. I’m also into model trains.

  5. Tracey says:

    Congratulations on the sweet precious boys they are a true gift. I am also a twin and this will be the most important relationship they will have together.other then your parents nothing is as special as a twins relationship with each other. God Bless you all

  6. LISA says:

    Congrads!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Twins are soooo beautiful..they are GODS blessing to you and your hubby… enjoy them while they are small..this time next year they will be all over the place..may God Bless and keep your family safe and in good health.

  7. Paul Rodgers says:

    Congratulations!!!!!! My family and I wish you the very best!!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

  8. Christine Ewachiw says:

    Congratulations on your boys, they are adorable……
    I wish you and your husband many year of happiness……………..
    Again Congratulations……………I hope you holidays are Happy……..:}

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