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Md. Military Medical Museum Marks 150th Year

A military medical museum in Silver Spring is celebrating 150 years of collecting body parts.


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Lincoln’s Cottage In D.C. Tackles Modern Slavery

The house where President Abraham Lincoln drafted the Emancipation Proclamation some 150 years ago is confronting the reality that more people are held in modern-day slavery than at the height of the trans-Atlantic slave trade.


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Ford’s Theatre Opens Center To Study Lincoln In D.C.

Flowers once attached to President Abraham Lincoln’s coffin and ribbons from mourners have joined videos and interactive displays to explore his life and legacy in a new museum and education center at the theater where Lincoln was assassinated.


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Assistant Pleads Guilty In Historic Document Theft

Guilty. That was the plea Thursday from one of two men accused of stealing priceless historical documents from the Maryland Historical Society.



Opinions Differ On Color For Md. State House Dome

The State House dome, which is getting a new paint job, is a near-sacred place for people who appreciate its historical significance. And because people care so deeply, there is a vigorous debate going on over what color it should be.


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Lincoln Document Returned To National Archives

A November 1862 letter signed by three surgeons in Hagerstown asking Lincoln to appoint a chaplain to tend to wounded and dying soldiers after the Battle of Antietam was returned to Archives officials Thursday.


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Presidential Historian Appears In Federal Court

Two men accused of swiping historical documents from a Baltimore museum appear in federal court.


savedoff, landau, theft, Maryland Historical Societry

Lawyer Says Client Is Innocent Of Maryland Historical Society Theft

On Thursday the FBI searched the Manhattan apartment of Barry Landau. He’s one of two suspects locked up in the Baltimore City Detention Center accused of stealing important and expensive documents from the Maryland Historical Society.


(AP Photo/Stephan Savoia)

D.C. Cemetery For Civil War Dead To Be Rededicated

The National Park Service says a cemetery holding the graves of 41 Union soldiers who died defending Washington in the Civil War is to be rededicated this Memorial Day weekend.


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D.C. Government Closed In Honor Of Emancipation Day

District government offices and schools are closed in observance of Emancipation Day.


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Lincoln’s Inauguration Reinacted In D.C.

The visitor center at the U.S. Capitol held a rare event this weekend: a reenactment of a presidential inauguration.


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Many Commemorate 150th Anniversary Of Civil War

You don’t have to be a Civil War buff to know that Baltimore played a major role in the conflict. In fact, the war’s first casualties occurred on Pratt Street as a milestone anniversary of the war approaches.





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