Aggressive Driving

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Travel On A Budget This Labor Day Weekend

Here are some helpful tips to keep costs down while enjoying a safe and enjoyable trip over the Labor Day weekend.


Maryland State Police

State Police Plan Increased Traffic Enforcement

Maryland State Police will conduct increased traffic enforcement for the holiday period.


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Md. Police Increase Roadway Patrol Efforts Until Labor Day

The last big month of summer is also a big month for fatal car crashes. And in a fight to keep that toll down, police are stepping up patrol efforts.



Grand Prix Helps Combat Aggressive Driving

Baltimore police are cracking down on drivers who feel the need for speed. They’ve teamed up with a few people who know exactly what it’s like to drive fast.


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MDTA Police Targets Aggressive Drivers In Smooth Operator Campaign

A warning to drivers this weekend as Maryland Transportation Authority police launch an intense effort to crack down on aggressive driving.


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Aggressive Drivers Eyed As Summer Season Begins

Maryland Transportation Authority Police say they are targeting aggressive drivers as the summer driving season begins.