Alcohol Tax


Health Advocates Cheer Use Of Alcohol Tax

Maryland health officials are highlighting $14.3 million they can use to expand community-based, long-term care for seniors and the physically disabled with the help of an increased state alcohol tax, which has been in effect for a little more than year.


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Health Advocates Pleased By Alcohol Tax Use

Maryland health advocates say they are happy about how Gov. Martin O’Malley has allocated proceeds from an increase in the alcohol tax for the next fiscal year.



Md. Increase In Alcohol Tax Revenue In For July

Maryland estimates the state raised roughly $6 million in added revenue in July from a 50 percent increase in the state’s sales tax on alcohol.


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Alcohol Tax Increase Goes Into Effect Friday

Another new law is going into effect Friday and it’s likely to impact your holiday celebrations. The “dime a drink” alcohol tax begins July 1



Contraband Cigarettes, Alcohol Costing Maryland Millions

Maryland’s comptroller steps up enforcement of tax laws, announcing that cigarette, alcohol and fuel violations are on the rise.


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O’Malley Signs Alcohol Tax Increase

A new law goes on the books that could cut into your entertainment dollars. Governor Martin O’Malley signed an alcohol tax increase that applies to all adult beverages.


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Last Day For Md. General Assembly’s Session

Lawmakers only have a few hours left to wrap up this year’s session.


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House Passes 50 Percent Increase In Alcohol Tax

A measure to raise the sales tax on alcohol from 6 percent to 9 percent in July was approved 78-62 by the House of Delegates on Monday, sending the legislation to the state Senate to consider on the last day of the Maryland General Assembly session.


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Time Running Out For Md. Lawmakers To Approve Controversial Bills

Maryland lawmakers have a lot on their plate and only hours left to work out dozens of important bills. Among them are some hotly contested bills, including a 3 percent increase in the alcohol sales tax.


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Md. House Gives Initial OK To Raising Alcohol Tax

Maryland’s sales tax on alcohol would rise 50 percent in July, under legislation that advanced in the House of Delegates late Saturday night.


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Senate President Talks About Alcohol Tax Speed Up

Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller said Friday he would be open raising the alcohol tax at a faster pace than it would be under current legislation, but only if the money is used to address a structural imbalance in the state budget.


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Md. Senate Panel Advances Alcohol Tax

Your next beer is likely going to cost you more money. Maryland lawmakers are moving closer to approving higher taxes on alcoholic drinks.