Baltimore Murder

Matthew Thomas

Murder/Suicide Leaves 11-Year-Old Boy Dead

There have been five murders in just five days across Baltimore City. One of the victims was an 11-year-old boy found shot to death Sunday morning.


Baltimore Police

Baltimore Sees First Murders Of 2015

Baltimore Police say the department recorded the city’s first murders of 2015 early Saturday.


Adnan Syed

Podcast Changes Public Perception Of Murder Case

Like more than 1 million other faithful listeners, the family of convicted killer Adnan Syed eagerly awaits the next episode of a podcast investigating his murder case.


mckenzie elliott

Person Of Interest In Toddler’s Murder Now Out Of Police Custody

A major development in the case of a three-year-old killed by a stray bullet in a drive-by shooting this summer.



Baltimore Religious Leaders Announce Plan To Stop City’s Bloodshed

Violence continues to grip Baltimore City with a record number of homicides reported this summer.


Baltimore police

Baltimore Police Investigate 2 Shootings

Baltimore Police are investigating two weekend shootings.


Baltimore police

Baltimore Sees Lowest Homicide Count Since 1978

Baltimore police say the city recorded 196 homicides in 2011.


Baltimore police

Baltimore May See Lowest Homicide Rate In 20 Years

The city of Baltimore is on track for a major milestone: the lowest homicide rate in 20 years! It’s a big accomplishment for law enforcement, who vowed to make city streets safer.


sean johnson

Family Of 12-Year-Old Murder Victim Wants ‘Conspiracy Of Silence’ To End

A Baltimore child was gunned down sitting on a front porch. There was outrage but no arrests. Someone knows who killed Sean Johnson, but they’re afraid to talk.