Baltimore Violence

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Victims’ Families Ask For Baltimore Violence To Stop

There’s a crackdown on crime amid a surge in violence and new arrests in one of Baltimore’s key crime prevention programs.


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Mayor & Police Develop New Initiatives To Stop Baltimore Crime

Struggling to combat crime. With homicide rates on trend to surpass record numbers the city saw in May, the mayor and new police commissioner roll out new initiatives.


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Baltimore Officials Launch ‘War Room’ To Combat Crime Spike

A violent weekend in Baltimore as city officials launch what they’re calling a special “war room” to coordinate their response to the crime surge.


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Violence In Baltimore Continues With 2 Slayings

Violence in Baltimore that began over the weekend with at least 20 people shot continued.



‘War Room’ Established To Tackle Bloodshed In Baltimore

Baltimore Police say five people have died since Friday following a rash of shootings in the city.



Several People Shot Over Violent Weekend In Baltimore

Four children are among the victims of violence that’s surging across much of Baltimore.



Baltimore Police Commissioner Discusses Violence Spike In City

In the midst of crime scenes, police say it’s harder to do their jobs. Wednesday, the city’s frustrated top cop says officers are being confronted by large groups and cell phone cameras in the wake of the Freddie Gray case.


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Baltimore Police Investigate Several Shootings

Baltimore City police are investigating five shootings.


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Baltimore Police Investigate After Increase In Violence

Baltimore police are investigating several violent incidents from this weekend.


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Mayor Seeks Input From Teens After Rash Of Juvenile Murders

There are more questions than answers for families caught in the middle of a string of teen murders. In the last week, three teens were murdered on the streets of Baltimore.


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Police: 3 Hurt In Baltimore Shootings Over Weekend

Baltimore police are investigating three shootings in the city.


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Baltimore Clergy, Community Leaders Rally To Stop The Violence

More than 40 people shot in the city of Baltimore since the start of summer. Now city leaders are hitting the streets to speak out against the violence even as they, themselves, are under fire.