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Baltimore City School building

Mayor Rawlings-Blake Says Bottle Tax Hike Will Benefit City Schools

Embarrassing. That’s what the mayor called the conditions at many Baltimore schools. Now she wants to raise the city’s bottle tax to start immediate repairs.


bottles in store

Baltimore Mayor’s Proposed Bottle Tax Hike To Pay For School Construction

Another Baltimore City tax increase. Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake wants to raise the city’s two-cent bottle tax to five cents a bottle.


bottle tax

Retailers Want Beverage Tax Repealed

New battles are brewing over Baltimore’s bottled beverage tax. It’s been in effect almost a year, and now the city is making house calls to enforce it.



Baltimore’s Pepsi Plant Will Stop Making Soda

Pepsi is packing up production after deciding to stop making soda in Baltimore City, and they’re blaming the new city beverage tax.


beverage tax

Baltimore Retailers Want To Repeal Bottle Tax

Two cents may not sound like much, but some Baltimore retailers say it’s adding up to job cuts. Two cents is the city’s new tax on bottled beverages.


bottle tax

Some Renew Efforts To Repeal Baltimore Bottle Tax

Some Baltimore business owners say the city’s new bottled beverage tax isn’t fair and they’ve renewed efforts to repeal it.