Pastor Eric Campbell

Pastor Of Accused Harford County Cannibal & His Victim Says They Lived Like Brothers

Could a self-admitted cannibal have been stopped? He had a long association with Morgan State University– a school that has been under intense scrutiny over its response.


Joshua Ceasar

Potential Victim Of Self-Proclaimed Cannibal Speaks Out About Attack; Says Morgan State Should Have Warned Students

Shocking new accusations against the Harford County man who confessed to killing and eating his roommate. Now, another potential victim is sharing his encounter with the self-proclaimed cannibal.


Alexander Kinyua

Lawyer: Prior Bat Attack Foreshadowed Cannibalism

A victim left partially blinded by a baseball bat attack at a Maryland university now believes a cannibalism suspect in another case may have been planning to eat his organs, too, his attorney said Tuesday.



College Student Who Admitted To Eating Parts Of Family Friend Posted Dark Thoughts On Internet

A confessed cannibal. We’re learning new details about the man accused of killing his roommate and then eating his body parts.