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Metro Adds 7-Day Short Trip Pass To SmarTrip Cards

Metro is launching a new weekly short-trip pass that SmarTrip users can add to their cards to save money.


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Children Who Lost Parents To HIV Spread Awareness With Special Mother’s Day Cards

he contributions mothers bring to our lives have been celebrated almost since the beginning of time. Now the children of the third world are offering Mother’s Day greetings through modern technology.


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Baseball Cards Dating Back A Century Sell Big At Auction In Baltimore

Hundreds of rare, perfect-condition baseball cards went up for auction in Baltimore. They sat untouched in an attic for decades. Collectors paid half a million dollars Thursday night for the best cards of the bunch.


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Metro Urging Travelers To Use Plastic Farecards

Metro is encouraging customers to switch from using paper farecards to plastic ones.


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Frederick County Grade School Reverses Ban On Valentines

Paper hearts are welcome again at a Frederick County elementary school after parents protested a ban on Valentine’s Day cards.


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Metro Looks At Establishing New Payment System

Metro is looking into coming up with a payment system that would let riders skip buying fare cards and instead use their cell phones, credit cards or federal IDs to pay fares on the transit system.