Digital Harbor High School

Digital Harbor High School

Tensions Rise At Digital Harbor High Between African-American & Latino Students

Racial tensions erupt both inside and outside of Digital Harbor High School in Federal Hill over the past week. Now school officials and the police are coming together to try to put an end to the violence.


bike club

Digital Harbor High School Bike Club Learns Life Skills Beyond Nuts & Bolts

Across the country, cities are setting up mentoring groups to teach teens skills they can use in the real world.


Thursday, Nov. 8, 2012

Don Scott and Marty Bass had “Coffee With” Patricia Cornwell. Ron Matz had “People Are Talking” about Edcamp.



MDTA To Hold 2nd Public Hearing On Toll Hike Proposal

Baltimore City residents will get a chance to voice their opinions on proposed poll hikes on Monday.



MDTA To Hold Public Hearings On Toll Hike Proposal

Marylanders who want to voice their opinions about the toll hike proposal will get their first opportunity this week.