Natural gas, gas drilling

Md. House Passes Fee On Companies Wanting To Drill

The Maryland House of Delegates has approved charging a $15 fee per acre on energy companies seeking to drill in Marcellus Shale to pay for studies on best practices of natural gas extraction.



Senate Committee Hears Fracking Fee Bill

Opponents of using new hydraulic fracturing drilling techniques in western Maryland joined state officials Tuesday in asking lawmaker to support a fee to fund a study of potential environmental impacts.


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Democratic Leaders Outline Construction Plans

Maryland’s Democratic leaders outlined their proposals for boosting construction and jobs before a panel Thursday.


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CBF: Infrared Video Shows Gas Drilling Pollution

The Chesapeake Bay Foundation says infrared videos show air pollution coming from natural gas sites springing up across the country.


Natural gas, gas drilling

Gas Drillers, Skeptics Clash As Md. Board Meets

The energy industry is hoping to shorten the three-year timetable for a state study of natural gas drilling prospects in western Maryland.


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Md. To Study Marcellus Shale Drilling, Taxes

A Marcellus Shale task force will study the impact of drilling for natural gas in western Maryland as well as how to tax that drilling and liability for damage caused by gas exploration and production.


Oil Drilling

Senate Blocks GOP Bid To Speed Offshore Drilling

A GOP bid to expand and hasten offshore oil drilling in the face of $4-a-gallon gasoline prices suffered an overwhelming defeat in the Senate on Wednesday, four days after President Barack Obama directed his administration to ramp up U.S. oil production.


Natural gas, gas drilling

Md. Official Testifies On Natural Gas Drilling

Maryland’s environmental secretary is calling again for the federal government to take a more active role in studying and regulating natural gas drilling.


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Md. Plans Lawsuit Over Spill Of Fracking Fluid

Maryland’s attorney general says he plans to sue a gas-drilling company over a spill of thousands of gallons of hydraulic fracturing fluid into a Susquehanna River tributary in April.


Natural gas, gas drilling

Md. Environment Secretary Testifies At Fracking Hearing

Maryland’s environmental secretary is calling on the federal government to take a more active role in studying and regulating natural gas drilling.


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House Approves Study Of Marcellus Shale Drilling

Natural gas drilling in western Maryland would be restricted until the state finishes a two-year study under a bill passed by House lawmakers on Wednesday.


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Bill Limiting Drilling In Marcellus Shale Advances

A measure restricting natural gas drilling in western Maryland moved forward on Tuesday, after supporters said the state needs to study how the technique to extract the gas could affect health and the environment.