Hogan Outlines Plans For Heroin Task Force, CouncilGovernor Hogan makes good on a promise to get a handle on Maryland's heroin problem.
Md. Joins Task Force To Tackle Heroin CrisisMaryland's growing heroin epidemic has the state's attorney general teaming with neighboring states to tackle heroin trafficking.
Flu Outbreak Becoming Increasingly Difficult To FightFlu shot effectiveness. Health experts say the flu vaccine has been one of the least effective in a decade.
The Ebola Outbreak: What Every American Needs To KnowThe recent outbreak of the Ebola virus in Africa has begun attracting attention in the U.S. for good reason.
New Study Finds Flu Is Mostly Spread By Airborne Droplets Of The VirusA new study could shed some light on how the flu virus is spread. The doctor leading the groundbreaking research has ties to Maryland.
Coca-Cola Tackles Obesity Epidemic In Television AdsSugary drinks have been under fire for the part they play in the fattening of America. Coca-Cola is now weighing in, saying it wants to be part of the solution to the obesity epidemic.
2013 Flu Now Considered An EpidemicIt's hitting harder than anyone expected. This year's flu is now considered an epidemic and Maryland is among the states impacted.
Maryland Health Workers Say Flu Cases Are Reaching An Epidemic LevelFierce flu. The illness is spreading fast across the nation. Health workers across the country and in Maryland say the number of cases have reached an epidemic level.

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