Eyes In The Sky Played A Vital Role During Baltimore’s Police Chase

As police followed the car from the ground during Thursday night’s police chase, an elite group, known as Foxtrot, tracked the chase from the air.


Foxtrot helicopter, Baltimore Police helicopter

Police Helicopter Makes Emergency Landing

A Baltimore police helicopter had to make an emergency landing Friday night. Police say the helicopter was having technical difficulties and had to land in Reedbird Park.


Foxtrot helicopter, Baltimore Police helicopter

Baltimore Police Show Off New Fleet Of Foxtrot Helicopters

Foxtrot helicopters play a major role in helping Baltimore police catch criminals. Ever since one went down back in 1998, killing an officer, the department has focused on preventing future accidents.


(AP Photo/Natacha Pisarenko)

At 88, Thurmont Man Is Doing Foxtrot And Rumba

Jim Jeffrey has chasséd full circle, and it took only 70 years.