maryland house of delegates

Md. Passes Measure To Address Child Identity Theft

As more and more children are having their credit ratings damaged by identity theft before they think of borrowing a dime, Maryland lawmakers have approved a first-of-its-kind measure to enable parents to take steps to protect their kids.



House Votes To Continue Federal Worker Pay Freeze

Republicans have pushed through the House a bill that would freeze the wages of federal workers for a third year and bar members of Congress from giving themselves a pay raise.


frozen water

Ice Breakers Search For Frozen Hazards In Blistering Cold Weather

Finding ice doesn’t seem like much of a challenge after days of blistering cold, but it takes more than freezing temperatures to make the water freeze.


Couple Found Frozen

Pa. Couple Apparently Froze In Md. Farm Field

An elderly couple was found dead in a farm field in Frederick County, days after they were reported missing in Pennsylvania.


money, money generic, cash

Fed Worker Pay Freeze Would Ding Area Economy

The D.C. region will be affected like no other by the Obama administration’s proposed freeze on federal pay for the next two years.




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