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Obama, G-8: Recovery Takes Both Growth And Cutting

Confronting an economic crisis that threatens them all, President Barack Obama and leaders of other world powers on Saturday declared that their governments must both spark growth and cut the debt that has crippled the European continent and put investors worldwide on edge.


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Ethiopian Activists Join G-8 Protests In Maryland

Dozens of police officers in riot gear contained more than 200 Ethiopian activists who jammed a small Maryland town’s square Saturday to protest their prime minister’s involvement in a global economic summit at nearby Camp David.


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NORAD Intercepts 2 Aircraft Near Camp David

Military aircraft have intercepted two small planes in restricted airspace around Camp David, where world
leaders are gathering for an economic summit.


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Thurmont Extends Hand To G-8 Demonstrators

The rural town of Thurmont is extending a welcoming hand to demonstrators focused on a global economic summit at nearby Camp David.


G8 Summit

Final Preparations Underway For G-8 Summit

Maryland is getting ready to host the G-8 Summit. Dozens of world leaders will come to Camp David to discuss the economic crisis in Europe and the war in Afghanistan, among other issues.


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Part Of Route 77 To Be Closed For G-8 Summit

Maryland State police are announcing road closures for the G-8 Summit.



Police Prepare For G8 Summit, Protesters

With foreign leaders coming to Maryland to meet with President Barack Obama next week, security will be heavy. Even though the annual G8 summit will be tucked away at Camp David, it’s visiting protesters police are preparing for.


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Frederick Schools To Close 1 Day For G8 Summit

Frederick County public school students will have a day off in May because of the G-8 summit being held at Camp David in Thurmont.