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Family Of Marine Killed By Off-Duty Officer May Reach $200K Settlement

Baltimore may pay $200,000 to the family of an unarmed Marine veteran killed by an off-duty city police officer.


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Former Police Officer Sentenced To 15 Years For Fatal Shooting

Fifteen years. That’s how long a Baltimore police officer will spend behind bars for shooting a Marine outside a nightclub. A judge handed down the sentence after emotional words from both families.


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Judge Gives Go Ahead For Family Of Murdered Marine To File Lawsuit

A federal judge gives the go ahead to a lawsuit filed by the family of an unarmed Marine shot 12 times by a Baltimore City police officer outside of a nightclub. If the lawsuit succeeds, the city could pay out millions for the actions of a police officer already convicted in criminal court.


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Some Claims Allowed Club Shooting Suit

A federal judge has decided which claims against Baltimore officials can go forward in a lawsuit over the shooting of an Iraq war veteran by an off-duty officer outside a nightclub.


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Family Of Marine Killed By Baltimore Officer To Sue City For Millions

Baltimore City now faces a multi-million dollar civil lawsuit, in part for keeping Officer Gahiji Tshamba on the police force—despite his troubled past. On Thursday, a judge found Tshamba guilty of manslaughter for shooting an unarmed Marine.


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Marine’s Sister Testifies For Tshamba’s Defense Team

Making his case. A city officer on trial for murder gets a chance to present his defense.


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More Allegations Surface Against Officer Accused Of Killing Marine

More troubling accusations against the Baltimore police officer charged with killing a man.


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Murder Or Self-Defense? Officer’s Trial To Resume Next Week

Was it self-defense or a senseless murder? That’s what a judge must decide as he hears more dramatic testimony in the trial of Officer Gahiji Tshamba.


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Supervisor Testifies In Officer’s Trial, Says He Appeared Drunk

An off-duty city police officer has been charged with killing an unarmed Marine outside a nightclub. One of Officer Gahiji Tshamba’s supervisors now says he appeared drunk that night.


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Trial Begins This Week In Nightclub Slaying

The trial of a Baltimore police officer charged with shooting an unarmed man to death outside a nightclub is set to begin this week.


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Officer’s Trial In Nightclub Slaying Delayed Again

The trial of a Baltimore police officer charged with shooting an unarmed man to death outside a nightclub has been postponed a second time.


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Slain Man’s Family Sues Baltimore Officer

Relatives of an unarmed man shot to death by a Baltimore police officer last summer have filed a multimillion-dollar wrongful death lawsuit.