Gas Prices Increasing

Gas Prices

Gas Prices Continue To Rise Throughout Maryland

If it’s seemed like every time you drop by the gas station, the price has gone up—you’re correct.


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Gas Prices Soar Throughout Maryland

Across the nation and here in Maryland, gas prices are soaring. The price at the pump has increased every day for 32 consecutive days. Some states are already averaging more than $4 a gallon and our state’s not far behind.


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Gas Prices Spike Leaves Motorists Uneasy

Earlier this year, it appeared gas prices were headed to record lows. Now, a recent spike has motorists wondering how high they might climb.


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Gas Prices On The Rise Again

On the rise. After some welcome relief at the gas pump, prices are once again headed in the wrong direction.


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Gas Prices Continue To Climb

Prices at the pump continue to climb, just as lawmakers continue talking about adding the state sales tax to a gallon of gas. A price jump in gasoline had drivers nationwide paying record-high prices for the month of January.


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Gas Prices Continue To Rise For 5th Straight Week; Could Set New Record Highs

U.S. gasoline prices began 2012 with the highest number ever to start a new year. The price of regular unleaded rose eight cents this past week alone.


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$5 A Gallon For Gas? It Could Happen In 2012

Five dollars a gallon for gas? Analysts say it could happen this year.


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Gas Prices On The Rise In Maryland

After weeks of falling gas prices, drivers may not like to see what’s waiting for them at the gas station.


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Gas Prices Rise Above $3 At Christmas

It’s a record, but not a good one. For the first time ever gas prices are above $3 a gallon at Christmas. Many drivers are wondering why gas prices are so high.


December 12, 2010

Gas Prices On The Rise Again

It’s not the news you want to hear at holiday time, but gas prices are on a late season rise.