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Mark Zinno: James Gandolfini Embodied Tony Soprano Better Than Anyone Could

James Gandolfini died of a sudden heart attack in Rome and the tender age of 51. And while, we can all agree that he was taken away too soon, his character of Tony Soprano probably wouldn’t have lived that long.


prop joe

The Wire’s ‘Prop Joe’ Dead At 52

A well-known actor and a staple of the Baltimore theater community has passed away. Robert Chew died Friday at the age of 52.


Omar Little

Man Arrested With Same Name As Popular Charactor In HBO’s ‘The Wire’

Stranger than fiction. The arrest of Omar Little in Baltimore is making news across the country.


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HBO’s ‘Veep’ With Julia Louis-Dreyfus Films In D.C.

A new HBO comedy series starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus that is set in the nation’s capital has begun shooting in Washington.


Maryland filming

HBO Show Begins Filming In Baltimore

The first major TV show since “The Wire” is now shooting in and around Baltimore.


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HBO To Start Filming VEEP In Maryland This Week

HBO is set to begin filming the series VEEP in Maryland. The comedy is set near the White House and stars Julia Louis-Dreyfus.


Felicia "Snoop" Pearson

Guilty Plea For ‘Wire’ Actress

An actress who played a Baltimore drug gang assassin in HBO’s “The Wire” is expected to plead guilty Monday in a drug conspiracy case.


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BLOG: Originality In Entertainment

Why do we have to restart ideas over and over again? Every song these days are sampling hooks from old songs. We are remaking old T.V. shows into movies & there is even talk of making board games into movies.



U.S. Attorney General Wants HBO Series ‘The Wire’ To Return

It’s been off the air for three years. But the HBO series “The Wire” is being touted by a top government official who wants another season.


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Casting Call Held In Baltimore For HBO Film ‘Game Change’

Hundreds of actors lined up for a chance to hit it big. HBO has once again chosen Baltimore to shoot its latest production, based on the 2008 campaign trail.


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HBO Signs On For ‘VEEP’ Pilot Shot In Md.

It looks promising that Baltimore will be home to another HBO series.


Felicia "Snoop" Pearson

‘Wire’ Actress Free On Bond In Baltimore Drug Case

Actress Felicia “Snoop” Pearson, who played a Baltimore drug gang assassin in HBO’s “The Wire” series, has been released on bond with electronic monitoring as she fights charges of conspiring to sell heroin.