U.S. Naval Academy Plebes To Climb Herndon MonumentIt's Herndon Monument Climb Day -- when the academy's 1,000 or so freshmen, known as the plebe class, attempt to climb the 21-foot tall Herndon Monument and remove the plebe hat or "dixie cup" from the top.
Tradition Continued: Herndon Monument Climb For Class Of 2020A continued tradition at the U.S. Naval Academy as the plebes, or freshmen, climb the Herndon Monument to officially become midshipmen.
Plebes No More: Naval Academy Freshmen Climb Herndon MonumentIt's an annual rite of passage at the U.S. Naval Academy: the Herndon climb. Hundreds of plebes scramble to climb a greased up monument to replace a freshman's hat with a midshipman's hat.
Plebes No More: USNA Midshipmen Complete Herndon Monument ClimbGrab the lard. Monday marks the annual tradition known as the Herndon Monument Climb at the Naval Academy.
Herndon Monument Climb Separates Plebes From MidshipmanIt's time for the annual Herndon Monument climb.
Oklahoman Completes Herndon Monument ClimbIn the four years they spend at the Naval Academy, midshipmen not only get a great education but they are immersed in centuries of ritual and tradition.
Naval Academy Takes Part In Annual Greased Monument ClimbOne of the more memorable events leading up to the Naval Academy graduation is the annual Herndon Climb. It’s a race to climb a greased monument and replace a freshman’s hat with a midshipman’s hat.

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