High Court

U.S. Supreme Court (Credit, Randy Yagi)

High Court To Weigh Three-Judge Rule For Redistricting Cases

The Supreme Court will decide whether it was proper for a single federal judge to throw out a lawsuit challenging Maryland’s 2011 congressional redistricting plan.


Court of Appeals

Md. High Court Upholds Ruling: Poor Defendants Entitled To Lawyer At Bail Hearing

Maryland’s highest court says it won’t stay its ruling that poor defendants are entitled to have an attorney present at bail hearings.


jessica port

Maryland’s Highest Court Hears Lesbian Divorce Case

The struggle by same-sex couples to tie the knot is proving just as difficult to untie for one lesbian couple.



Court Refuses To Hear Maryland Gun Case

The Supreme Court won’t hear a Maryland man’s argument that the Second Amendment allows him to carry a gun outside of his home for self-defense.