Hurricane Irene

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President Obama Approves Federal Funds For Md. Irene Relief

Maryland suffered nearly $16 million in damage from Hurricane Irene. The federal government will reimburse state and local governments 75 percent of reconstruction costs.


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Marylanders Rejoice As Berger Cookie Shortage Ends

Berger Cookies are now reaching 98 percent of the stores that sell them. The remaining two percent won’t have long to wait.


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Trees Felled By Irene Now Mulch For Baltimoreans

Baltimore parks officials say city residents can pick up free mulch made from trees and limbs knocked down by Hurricane Irene.


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Senate Approves $7B Disaster Aid Plan

The measure includes $500 million in immediate, emergency funding to make sure FEMA won’t have to cut off help for victims of Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee at the end of the month.


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BGE Customers Outraged Over Being Billed For Unused Electricity

Tens of thousands of people who lost power during Hurricane Irene may be charged for more power than they used.



Officials Warn Of West Nile Virus Threat After Flooding

There’s a new threat from Maryland’s widespread flooding. Standing water brings a mosquito invasion, and with them, the risk of a deadly virus.



Senate, House Diverge On Disaster Aid Strategy

House Republicans have introduced legislation to immediately infuse $1 billion into federal disaster aid accounts as part of a stopgap funding bill that’s required to keep the government running past the end of the budget year on Sept. 30.


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Delayed MLK Dedication Could Draw Smaller Crowd

Organizers are preparing for a smaller crowd at the rescheduled dedication of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial than what was expected on the event’s original date.


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FEMA To Survey Damage Caused By Hurricane Irene

Carroll County emergency management officials say federal officials have visited the country to assess damage done by Hurricane Irene.


mlk memorial

New October Date Set For MLK Memorial Dedication

Organizers have set a new date in October to dedicate the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial after Hurricane Irene forced them to postpone the event in August, days before 250,000 people were expected to attend.



BGE: Outages Expected To Increase As Rain Falls

Baltimore Gas and Electric says outages are expected to increase as heavy rains continue to fall on ground already saturated by Hurricane Irene.


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Senate Democrats Boost Disaster Aid

Senate Democrats are unveiling legislation that provides $6 billion in new disaster aid to help victims of Hurricane Irene and those from disasters dating to Hurricane Katrina.